Deutschmark Express LLC .: Outstanding Experience

While I served in the U.S. Army, I led thousands of soldiers through out the years in a variety of capacities including at least three armed conflicts. I worked tirelessy to obtain my college degree and became a master SCUBA diving instructor teaching over a thousand soldiers to SCUBA dive safely.  I did all this while raising 5 children.

Upon retiring, I founded and operated a multi-million $ transportation business during the one of the greatest recessions our country has ever known. I have many professional certifications and have now completed my MBA. I continuously seek new knowledge and surround myself with the smartest experts in their respective industries.  Perhaps I can help you improve your business! MF

Deutschmark Express LLC was founded in 2005 by Mel Flaget and has evolved to provide innovative technology and service solutions for our clients.  


In 2012, we received our VA CVE certification as a SDVOSB. Among SDVOSB, we are unique in that we have a permanent presence both in CONUS and in Europe. Our U.S. office is located one hour south of Indianapolis, Indiana, and our European office, led by Eric Lien, is located thirty minutes away from the U.S. Army Europe Headquarters, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Europe District Wiesbaden, Germany as well as the Department of State Procurement Offices located in Frankfurt, Germany.


Our growth is based upon our core values, which are the keys to our sustained success:

  • Independence
  • Hard Work
  • Professional Objectivity
  • Technical Competence
  • Client Confidentiality
  • Fast, Reliable Client Service
  • Respect and Dignity for our Partners

Decades of experience with the U.S. Army and an unmatched global network of industrial specialists allow us to serve client needs in a timely and professional manner.

Find out how these core values have helped our clients achieve lasting success for their businesses.


We are good corporate citizens!

We make every effert to find environmentally sustainable and cost effective equipment solutions for government field use. We are subject matter experts in our product and service lines and make every effort to inform ourselves about new industry trends and legal changes that may affect our value chain.


As members of our local communities, we believe that all of the leaders of our firm should demonstrate a strong personal commitment to improving their local communities. For years, Mel Flaget and Eric Lien have been involved with efforts to mentor young people, assist veterans and military spouses, support Wounded Warriors at WTUs, and support local church programs.


It is our belief that this sort of direct personal involvement -along with the cuts and brusies received along the way-maintains strong character, strong muscles and underlines our commitment to our local communities. Thus can we live by our values and gain greater insights into our client needs.