Our Trusted Advisors

Deutschmark Express LLC has teamed up with select business partners provide you with the best possible service.


Our trusted advisors include:

  • Eric Lien has an MBA in international business and is President of the European Region of the Association of the U.S. Army.  With over twenty years expereince as a senior manager of international enterprises, Eric maintains a global network of professional contacts within the defense, military and diplomatic communities. Based in Germany and Florida, he is an subject matter expert in the fields of international management, defense technology , operations and strategic planning. He has a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Certification in Constrution Quality Management for Contractors. Eric has spent years donating countless hours towards helping soldiers, military retirees and Army families improve their lives.

Consulting Alliances

We have joined forces with qualified advisors and teaming partners in order to expand our base of expertise. This allows us to provide innovative solutions from around the world while tapping in to available European R&D funding and supply capability. Some of our partners have served at the highest level of the German Bundeswehr and NATO functions. When we claim to bring the best, most innovative equipment in the world into government field use, we mean it.


Our business partners include:

  • BG (R) Hans-Herbert Schulz (GSWNRW, Germany)                                                                     
  • Fuduric GmbH & Co KG, Germany
  • Fuduric family of companies in Europe, Africa and the Middle East
  • Woodbine Construction, Louisville, Ky

Professional Associations

 Our company leaders are proud to be active members serving in leadership roles within the following professional organizations:

  • Association of the United States Army    www.ausa.org
  • Civil Air Patrol  www.gocivilairpatrol.com
  • Society of American Military Engineers www.same.org
  • American Legion www.legion.org
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars   www.vfw.org