Deutschmark Express LLC offers a great deal of expertise in the field of force protection. We have supported under vehicle inspection systems, anti-ram barriers, automated bollards, force protection windows, intelligent security camera systems and related technologies.


Together with our established partners, we can support a full range of technologies. If your project is in CONUS, Europe, Africa , the Carribean or the Middle East, we can support your needs. We can support all of your force protection needs!



  • Installation Security, Force Protection, Port Inspection, Border Control
  • Access management, research facilities
  • Prisons and detention facilities


We offer over five years worth of experience supporting sales, systems integration, and testing of small, unmanned aerial systems. Whether for law enforcement, military needs or emergency response, UAS technology is the way to go for dumb, dirty and dangerous work! Let us show you how.



We have tested UAS technology in the following programs:

  • Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiement (AEWE) Spirals H-J
  • Department of Homeland Security RAPS II
  • DHS S&T First Responder Electronic Jamming Exercise 
  • SOCOM TE-Series
  • Bold Quest


Let us help you with your UAS requirements!