In 2012, Deutschmark Express LLC obtained the distribution contract from Anthea Technologies, Denmark to be the only licensed re-seller of Sky-Watch unmanned aerial vehicles in the U.S.  Contact us with questions about federal, state and local government sales of these small unmanned aerial  systems.

Some applications include:

  • defense, SRI, homeland security
  • law enforcement, disaster response, rescue & recovery operations
  • precision agriculture, construction, mining, powerline inspection
  • R&D 
  • Huginn X1 SUAS  NATO Stock Number (NSN) 5836-22-626-1625
  • NAICS Code 336411

We have tested the Huginn X1 system at five different events with the U.S. military . Call us to discuss the right Huginn X1 configuration for your application. The Huginn X1 is the lightest, most easy to use , ruggedized VTOL UAS on the market. At 3 lbs, the capability of this amazing unit will exceed all expectations for those intending to use the UAS system for daily field duty.

If you want rugged field capability, reliability, live video feed, way point navigation, dual camera capability with stabilized  90° vertical and oblique shots, low operating cost and autonomous daytime and nighttime flight capability--you need a Sky-Watch Huginn X1. 

For current  product details please contact us directly. To link to the Sky-Watch Website follow:



Deutschmark Express LLC is the U.S. re-seller of SecuScan Under Vehicle Monitoring Systems. Working in exclusive cooperation with the manufacturer, Deutschmark Express LLC is actively marketing the SecuScan Undervehicle Monitoring System to government agencies requiring enhanced security processes at access controlled facilities.


The SecuScan Undervehicle Monitoring System is the most advanced sytsem of its type and is available in both staionary and mobile systems. Many variations with LPR and Driver Recognition cameras are available. Contact us for more information. The heavy duty system allows BW, IR and full color exploded views of the underside of vehicles in low light and all weather conditions. The system offers a safe, automated way to check vehicles while reducing cost factors such as inspection pits, additional security guards, inspection lighting and mirrors. With networked capability, the SecuScan offers unmatched capability. Automated high resolution image transfer happens less than a second after the vehicle passes the scanner , thus allowing security leaders to concentrate on their work regardless of traffic flow and weather conditions.


The SecuScan UVIS technology has been a part of the Force Protection plan of U.S. forces in Europe since 2010.


Applications include:

  • Installation Security, Force Protection, Port Inspection, Border Control
  • Access management, research facilities
  • Prisons and detention facilities